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Keira Morgan – Renaissance Historical Novel Writer

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Keira Morgan is passionate about renaissance history, especially French. She writes historical novels about the women who ran France in late 15th and 16th centuries.

She studied medieval and renaissance history at the undergraduate and graduate levels and has studied it ever since,

During her career she authored and edited many non-fiction publications in the fields of career development and adult training.

She lives in Mexico with her husband and two dogs.

She reads writes and speaks English, Spanish and French. Her spoken French used to be more fluent, but since living in Mexico, it has become terribly infected with Spanish.

keira-e1506027189129-314x350 About
A Husband for the Duchess: Duchess Anne of Brittany
keira-e1506027189129-314x350 About
keira-e1506027189129-314x350 About
keira-e1506027189129-314x350 About

An Emphasis on Web Resources

On this site she will feature ebooks and online sites wherever possible.


She lives in in a rural area in a small Mexican state.  Without the revolution in availability that the internet has provided she couldn’t live there and write.

Now she can search the French national archives, read the latest historical research around the world and relax with the latest historical novels.

Yay digitization!  Yay indie authors and publishing.  Three cheers for ebooks.

Renaissance Women Who Ran France

Her interests focus on the women who were instrumental in guiding France while its kings squandered their patrimony in war in Italy or depleted it in sectarian violence inside France.

As a new generation of historians has noted, in France from 1483, when Louis XI died until 1589 when Henry IV succeeded to the throne, France suffered from a series of absent or weak kings.

Women such as Anne de Beaujeu, Louise de Savoie and Catherine de Medici acted as regents, formal or informal, to keep the ship of state afloat.

Her series of novels will celebrate the challenging lives of these women.