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Powerful Renaissance Women

Many powerful renaissance women dazzled their contemporaries in France, England, Spain and Italy between 1450 and 1600.  Only now are we honoring their achievements. From queens to painters to writers to the more humble; they shone to their contemporaries

Who are these heroines whose stories we want to acclaim?  Fictional or historical, writers and scholars are publishing fascinating books about their experiences. Duchess Anne de Beaujeu ran France as Regent in the 1480s.  Italian Sofonisba Anguissola enjoyed fame as the premier portrait painter to the Spanish court.

Now that women studies have uncovered the historical record, no longer should academics ask:

Did women have a renaissance?

The answer is an unequivocal  YES! From Abbesses to Writers, women played major roles during the Renaissance. The Encyclopedia of Women in the Renaissance found thirty-seven different professional categories among their examples.  That didn’t include anyone like farmer, dressmaker or lady’s maid either.  Were they still hindered by the narrow restrictions placed upon them by law and tradition?  Yes, to that too.

Here is the place to meet these women!

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Here you will find news and stories about powerful renaissance women. [Any renaissance woman who managed to leave a record behind her did something remarkable.]

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Duchess Anne, Queen of France

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Cultural Collisions

A series of articles about life in Mexico since I first decided to live here seven years ago.  Each week brings another adventure in adaptation as I learn to live with my beloved adopted country and it learns to live with me.



Duchess Anne of Brittany

I am now writing a two novel series about Anne of Brittany. Some novels and histories are available in French, but those in English are dated.

A woman of determination and charm, she overcame both hardships and tragedies. Despite the odds, she ruled Brittany as its Duchess, its last independent ruler.